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Alien furniture from ProMech is the ultimate in recycling

Nice when something stops you dead in your tracks. By day, ProMech Racing create tools for serious drivers to tune serious cars. By night? By night we believe they create dark coverns in the deep forest and slaughter animals. Well, it's got to be one of the possibilities. KitGuru switches to macro for detailed close-ups.

It's one thing to put your plastic bottles into a blue bin and offer them to the recycling truck every fortnight. We all do it and feel like we're doing our bit for the planet. It's quite something else to pull out an oxyacetylene torch, don protective gear and weld big chunks of raw metal into glorious alien furniture.

We could prattle on for ages, but it's so much easier to just show you what we mean.

This Alien Coffee Table is 42cm high with a glass top that's 120cm x 60cm. It costs around £399


ProMech's Predator Lamp Table seems like really good value at just £179. Armed to the teeth.


It's worth getting really close to these stunning pieces. The closer you get, the more you realise the complexity of how each used component fits together with its neighbour to create a modern masterpiece.

KitGuru says: With prices ranging from £179 to £2,299 – it might seem like a lot to ask for ‘junk', but this is true art in all its raw, dirty, mechanical form and we love it.

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