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Antec ramps up the AMPs for 2012/13

With a strong brand and excellent reputation for quality, Antec has decided to spread its (product) wings and launch a whole series of Antec Mobile Products under the banner ‘AMP'. KitGuru scans the line up and brings you the best bits.

Pause for a second and think to yourself, “So what is Antec most famous for?” and you're likely to recall one of 3 things. Either the original 900 chassis, if you were a hard core gamer – the sleek, yet affordable Antec Fusion HTPC chassis if you were an early integrator of sound and vision – or the EarthWatts/TruePower line up of PSUs – depending on whether you wanted to save the planet from ozone or monsters.

Going forward, Antec is looking to stamp the AMP on a line up as varied as bluetooth headsets, screen wipes and a whole range of useful gadgets.

Let's start with bluetooth and branding.

AMP offers some very attractive POS (Point of Sale) packaging - being demonstrated here by Antec marketing guru, Mafalda


The Pulse headset not only features Bluetooth connectivity, but also a folding design that should make travelling easier. We got up close and personal with the early prototype in black – as well as hands on with the more refined model in white – again being demonstrated by Antec's Mafalda.

At first listen, the audio quality on Antec's new AMP range seems good - but we'll need Zardon's expert opinion to be certain

There are two other areas which interested us in the AMP range. One was the idea of a tiny little Bluetooth receiver dongle called ‘Gain', that allows you to make any headphones wireless – nice if you have already invested and don't like anyone elses buds near your lug holes.

The second is the AMP Mix portable speaker, which pushes out a decent amount of volume for gardens, hotel rooms, parks or beaches. It also has the in-built microphone and electronics necessary to convert your iPhone into a decent conference call device. Nice.

The AMP Mix and AMP Gain are useful devices that aim to deliver additional functionality - without a scary big bill.

KitGuru says: Every company is looking to expand its brand these days, but they often don't have a clear strategy or the right packaging before they start. Our first look at AMP is very promising, as the products seem intelligent, the packaging attractive and the pricing competitive. We'll keep you updated on likely launch dates in the UK and elsewhere.

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