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Casio release EX-H20G camera offering indoor Geotagging

Casio have released a new megazoom camera with the ability to geo-tag photos and video with ultra precise detail.

The EX-H20G is the newest camera from Casio in their EXILM hi-zoom range and it is in the first on the market to offering indoor geotagging, according to the company. It is equipped with a 24mm wide angle lens which delivers up to 10x zoom capabilities – perfect all round capabilities for landscape shots and close ups of the weird couple on the boat.

Many cameras on the market already offer GPS coordinates, but this model can display the photographers current location as well as geotagged photos and videos, all on a map that is displayed on the 14MP camera's 3 inch LCD screen. The camera also comes with information on 10,000 sightseeing photo locations across the planet and automatically will send an alert to the user when they are close by. You won't be missing those iconic shots then on your travels.

Casio are obviously targeting holiday makers and people on trips abroad for business or pleasure. The map can also be used as a digital compass to map the best route to a location.

Geotagged photos and video can be shared on websites offering geotagging functionality – such as Picasa, Panoramio, Google Earth, Flickr and iPhoto on an Apple Mac. These sites have the capabilities to map the photos and we can see a lot of people finding this system very helpful when arranging their snapshots.

KitGuru says: The price is set to be around $350, and probably nearer £300 when it hits the UK. US release is in November.

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