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iPad 2 rumours grow in strength – HD camera’s ?

KitGuru has been hearing rumours from the Far East that the new iPad will not only be a 7 inch version with a faster processor but will also offer a High Definition Video Camera..

We have reported on the upcoming iPad over the last month, leaking information when we get it, but the latest reports are showing a 2011 release, an iPad offering multiple cameras with at least one of them offering HD recording capabilities. We would assume 720p due to the file sizes and processing power required, although the new 2ghz CPU would probably be able to handle it.

Apple could very well be using market research for the iPad size reduction but they could also be trying to stamp on Samsungs toes with the release of their new Android powered 7 inch Galaxy. Whether Samsung can dent Apple's market share is another question, even if their product is great.

KitGuru says: Samsung or Apple? Our bets are on Apple, but if Samsung market the product right it could dent the domination.

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