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Apple to release ‘mini iPad’ 7.85 inch tablet in Q3

People are waiting in anticipation for the iPad 3 with super high resolution screen and updated processing power. Apple have plans to supplement the flagship model, with a new 7.85 inch tablet, according to reports from Digitimes. They say that Apple are going to begin production of the smaller tablet …

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Dual Camera iPad2 coming soon – predictions are true

Sometimes we get our predictions wrong, but more often than not we get them right. Kitguru said months ago that Apple were coming out with a dual camera iPad and Reuters have just announced that their insiders have confirmed the new design. As everyone is already aware, the original iPad …

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iPad 2 rumours grow in strength – HD camera’s ?

KitGuru has been hearing rumours from the Far East that the new iPad will not only be a 7 inch version with a faster processor but will also offer a High Definition Video Camera.. We have reported on the upcoming iPad over the last month, leaking information when we get …

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New iPad coming soon – slimmed down with camera

The iPad has generated a lot of money for Apple, with geeks across the globe latching onto its portable goodness and high quality screen. Latest rumours in however show that a new version is already in the cards for release next year. The Apple iPad is a great product, but …

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7 inch iPad rumoured for release

Apple have enjoyed massive since the release of the iPad several months ago, and analysts have stated that they are on course to sell many millions more by the end of the year. This has generated billions of dollars of revenue for Apple and it appears that they may be …

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