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New iPad coming soon – slimmed down with camera

The iPad has generated a lot of money for Apple, with geeks across the globe latching onto its portable goodness and high quality screen. Latest rumours in however show that a new version is already in the cards for release next year.

The Apple iPad is a great product, but by today's quickly changing standards, it seems to be missing a few key hardware elements. For one, there is no camera and in the mobile sector this is a huge omission – the Android powered Dell Streak has two for instance. We would also like to see the additional of a USB port, but we aren't sure if Apple will feel this is entirely necessary, it would certainly help with printing support.

So this would be one of the new additions that Apple will be focusing on, but what about the bulk? The iPad already feels a little porky and the rumoured 7 inch version will assuredly be on a slim fast diet. The 3G model weighs 1.6 pounds which is over twice as heavy as the Samsung Galaxy Tab. While this sounds like a small point to make, when you are carrying it with you all day, this would make a significant difference.

Additionally the new iPad should have double the memory bringing the count to 512MB. This would put it more in line with the Galaxy Tab which looks to be a hot new product high on the geek ‘must have' list.

KitGuru says: One thing we can be sure about however, the new iPad will certainly not have Adobe Flash support … we think that Steve Jobs will need to resign before that ever happens.

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