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Apple to release ‘mini iPad’ 7.85 inch tablet in Q3

People are waiting in anticipation for the iPad 3 with super high resolution screen and updated processing power. Apple have plans to supplement the flagship model, with a new 7.85 inch tablet, according to reports from Digitimes. They say that Apple are going to begin production of the smaller tablet in the third quarter.

The price point might not be critical for the Apple audience, but reports indicate that it could be as low as $250. Apple are also planning an 8GB iPad 2 for less than $400, just when they announce the iPad 3 in March.

The release of a ‘mini iPad’ would go against the feelings of the late Apple leader Steve Jobs, who didn’t feel it was a viable launch plan. That said, Amazon have had great success with their 7 inch Kindle tablet, so there is clearly an audience who want a more portable tablet computer. The screen resolution of the 7.85 inch iPad should be the same as the iPad 2 (1024×768), so it won’t be a huge manufacturing update for Apple.

Kitguru says: Do you want a smaller iPad? or is this a duff idea?

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