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Overclockers delight with £110 off AMD 8150?

To quote a classic video, “Overclocking is all about getting something you haven’t paid for. It’s dirty and you love it”.

While that may be true in almost every case, it’s certainly much more true when the price you do pay gets slashed.

KitGuru polishes its scales of justice and heads off to Newcastle-Under-Lyme to investigate.

This story is really straightforward and centres on a piece of intelligent pre-sales-overclocking from one of the UK’s biggest resellers, Overclockers. We have no idea what AMD will think of the offer, but to an outsider it does look like remarkable value.

Overclockers look to have moved the clock speed of the AMD Bulldozer 8120 to to the same levels that you get with the 8150, but the price is a whopping £110 less. Spot the difference with these two screen grabs. As far as we can make out, you’re getting an 8150 – including the Deus Ex game – but for much less money.

Aside from the little Facebook and Twitter logos, the offer's the same. Top spec AMD 8-core Bulldozer for £110 less than you'd expect.

KitGuru says: Drop this chip into something like the Asus M5A97 at £79 and you have the basis of a decent 8-core system at sensible money. If you’d like the pain of overclocking removed, then you can get this beasty of a chip at 4.2GHz in a bundle from Aria at just £419, including Asus Sabretooth mainboard, 8GB of memory and an enthusiast-class cooler.

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