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Glass in the future, see for yourself

Cave dwellers must have noticed that some of the sands that were melted by fiery heat, ended up quite see through. Glass has come along way since then, but just how much technology can you integrate into a sheet of the stuff?  We fire up the trusty VideoScope and focus on Corning (it's a company, not an angular joint in your room).

From the time that fighter jets got heads-up displays (HUD), we've all been wondering when the normal glass around us would become more useful. The move from dumb LED photo frames to the all-conquering iPad 2, took only a small amount of time – but what a world of difference in functionality. Here's a look at some very clever glass, made by very clever people at a very clever company. Nice.

KitGuru says: Blimey, minority report is closer than we thought. They didn't mention durability or price, but we guess the cost cutting producers of clever glass will be attracted to the mass market and serious volume sales in no time at all. We loves it we does. Can't waits we can't.

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