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OnePlus 6 will feature a new glass design

We already know that the OnePlus 6 is due to launch this summer, with eyes squarely looking at the end of the month thanks to previous promotional material. The company hasn’t stopped there, with its latest promo hinting at quality materials that could rival Apple’s flagship smartphones. Over on its …

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BitFenix Aurora Case Review


BitFenix Aurora is a mid-tower case that aims at the enthusiast market with support for custom loop watercooling and a number of options for lighting, including connection to the Asus Aura system. Both side panels are tempered glass, with the main panel being tinted and the rear being opaque in …

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Google shuts down Glass social media accounts

While we do know that Google is still working on its Glass concept behind closed doors and plans to bring its smart glasses to enterprise customers this year, it seems that Glass name could be no more. This week, Google finally shut down all of the Google Glass social media …

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Google Glass may extend in to a product family

Google Glass may not be being developed out in the open anymore but that doesn't mean we aren't learning anything new about Google's plans for the wearable. A new report is suggesting that Glass will extend in to a range of products, rather than just being the one wearable. The …

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Google X head says Glass got too much attention

Did Google give its Glass smart glasses too much public attention? The head of the company’s X division appears to think so. While he agrees that the explorer’s program was a good idea, the company drew too much attention to it. Speaking at SXSW this week, Google X head, Astro …

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Google Glass 2.0 to be re-designed from scratch

A while back Google made the decision to end production on the current Google Glass model that we have come to know since its launch back in 2013. The company has since taken Glass development behind closed doors and will be redesigning the next model from scratch. Speaking to The …

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Lian Li announces the release of it’s PC-O Series chassis

Lian Li PC-O7

Lian Li has been posting photos of it's new line of under development PC cases since September, and now it is ready to reveal the final products. There are four cases in the range so far, the PC-O5, the PC-O5S, the PC-O6S, and the PC-O7S. These range from the very small PC-O5 which …

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Steve Wozniak criticizes smart-watches, praises Google Glass

Steve Wozniak, a co-founder of Apple who foresaw the emergence of the upcoming iWatch several years ago, claims that smart-watches have too limited functionality and too small displays. At the same time, he praises Google Glass. While the former partner of Steve Jobs does not really admire wearable computing devices …

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