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OnePlus 6 will feature a new glass design

We already know that the OnePlus 6 is due to launch this summer, with eyes squarely looking at the end of the month thanks to previous promotional material. The company hasn’t stopped there, with its latest promo hinting at quality materials that could rival Apple’s flagship smartphones.

Over on its official Twitter page, OnePlus tweeted out an image verifying that the upcoming smartphone has been “Designed by OnePlus.” This could hint that the company is taking a similar approach to Apple in its design-led focus, however it doesn’t offer much beyond this tidbit of information.

The caption offers a little more insight, stating that the company will be using “new materials.” It’s been rumoured for quite some time that OnePlus would opt for a ceramic backplate and wireless charging, but an interview with CEO Pete Lau reveals that the OnePlus 6 will centre around a “glass design” like many of its competitors.

There could be more than one version of the OnePlus 6, however as Lau notes, the OnePlus 3 dropped its predecessor’s sandstone black design in favour of a metal frame, making it likely that the company will commit to a single direction rather than producing two vastly different versions.

Beyond the confirmation of a glass design, Lau was adamant on pushing the company’s “honest” approach to its designs. Long term readers will sense the irony in this, after the company has previously been caught in less than honest situations, however OnePlus could truly be turning over a new leaf after its OnePlus 5T has been a huge hit without such controversy.

Its launch date is still undisclosed; however, many eyes are still looking towards April 27th after OnePlus has closely tied itself with the release of Avengers: Infinity War. This, alongside Amazon India releasing its opt-in notification system to let users know of the launch closer to the time indicates that we don’t have to wait too much longer at all.

KitGuru Says: An all-glass design wouldn’t be surprising in the least given the current smartphone trend. While OnePlus doesn’t tend to truly innovate within the smartphone scene, it does push highly competitive prices for the performance it offers, which will truly be interesting to see with the release of the OnePlus 6. Would you like the next flagship to sport a glass design or do you prefer the meal frames?

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