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Google Glass may extend in to a product family

Google Glass may not be being developed out in the open anymore but that doesn't mean we aren't learning anything new about Google's plans for the wearable. A new report is suggesting that Glass will extend in to a range of products, rather than just being the one wearable.

The Glass team is currently recruiting, with some job postings suggesting that there may be other Glass related projects going on. According to Business Insider, Google wants its new recruits to work on smart eyewear alongside “other related products”.


The statement itself is pretty vague so we don't actually know what else Google could be thinking about cooking up. However, whatever else Google is playing around with would probably be quite interesting.

Google will likely continue to take an augmented reality approach with Google Glass in order to compete with Microsoft and its upcoming Hololens, which has managed to garner up tons of interest since its reveal back in January.

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KitGuru Says: Google is still hard at work on reinventing its Glass wearable. Not many people were impressed with the initial incarnation, so it will be interesting to see what Google comes up with next now that the wearable has been pulled back behind closed doors. 

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