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Microsoft is being sued over the HoloLens


It has been quite some time since Microsoft first unveiled the HoloLens, but it seems that legal troubles are finally starting to follow. A company called HoloTouch has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft, claiming that the HoloLens headset infringes on two of its patents. The lawsuit alleges that Microsoft's augmented …

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Microsoft has patented an augmented reality wand

Microsoft has been experimenting with augmented and virtual reality headsets for a while now but it looks like the company is now starting to turn its attention to coming up with new input methods. While companies like Vive and Oculus are focussing on creating controllers that bring natural hand presence …

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Tesla has been hiring Hololens developers

Elon Musk's electric car company, Tesla, has been making waves over the past year for its Model 3, its acquisition of Solar City and its push for power storage technology, but its future cars could be rather eye catching too. Tesla has recently hired on its second ex-Microsoft and more …

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Microsoft has officially begun shipping the Hololens

Microsoft's Hololens is one of the most interesting pieces of tech that the company is currently working on. While the likes of Sony, Oculus and Valve are chasing virtual reality, Microsoft is focussing on an augmented reality experience. The company announced that the Hololens would be selling to developers earlier this …

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Intel said to be working on a HoloLens rival

It looks like Microsoft could have some serious competition in the augmented reality space soon as reports are suggesting that Intel is developing its own competitor to the HoloLens. According to sources familiar with Intel's plans, the company's new Augmented Reality headset will use the firm's own RealSense 3D technology. …

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Hololens will be available next month for $3000

Microsoft has opened up pre-orders for its Hololens augmented reality headset today with the first developer units set to ship out at the end of March. As previously reported, the developer edition of the headset will cost $3000 so it is an expensive investment but that price will likely come …

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New video shows off Halo 5 on the Hololens

So far, most of the demos we have seen for the Hololens have been gaming oriented, with Minecraft being a pretty big focus at E3. This trend isn't changing any time soon as a new video posted online by Microsoft project manager, Varun Mani, shows off Halo 5 on the …

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Microsoft confirms 60 job cuts in Hololens team

Microsoft has confirmed that it has cut 60 jobs from the Hololens team as part of a shift in priorities in the development of the augmented reality headset. The team based in Israel was affected, with 30 full-time workers and 30 third-party contractors affected, the development of the Hololens will …

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