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Microsoft has officially begun shipping the Hololens

Microsoft's Hololens is one of the most interesting pieces of tech that the company is currently working on. While the likes of Sony, Oculus and Valve are chasing virtual reality, Microsoft is focussing on an augmented reality experience. The company announced that the Hololens would be selling to developers earlier this year and now this week, the first units began shipping out.

Developers have to go through Microsoft's application process before they are allowed to fork out $3000 for a unit. However, the first devs in the US and Canada will be receiving their units now, allowing them to come up with new applications and use cases for the device.


Microsoft has said in the past that the Hololens won't be hitting the consumer market until its good and ready. While the company has demoed a few different uses for the headset, it is now up to third-party developers to decide what they can really do with it. The Hololens does have some draw backs though, including limited battery life and a fairly small field of view.

KitGuru Says: Now that the Hololens is landing in the hands of developers, we could see some very exciting projects in the works. I do hope that Microsoft can increase the field of view at some point though. 

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