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Microsoft has officially begun shipping the Hololens

Microsoft's Hololens is one of the most interesting pieces of tech that the company is currently working on. While the likes of Sony, Oculus and Valve are chasing virtual reality, Microsoft is focussing on an augmented reality experience. The company announced that the Hololens would be selling to developers earlier this …

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Palmer Luckey corrects us on Oculus Rift CV rumours

For anyone that's tried an Oculus Rift DK1, DK2 or better yet, a Crescent Bay prototype, one of the most common questions on their lips is: “when will the consumer version be released?” As if dangling a golden VR carrot in-front of our face, Oculus Story Studio's supervision technical director, …

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Consumer Oculus Rift coming by April next year

If like me, you're on tenterhooks awaiting your pre-ordered Oculus Rift devkit 2, then it probably won't be much comfort to know that this time around your hardware won't feel as revolutionary for as long, as the much teased consumer version of Oculus' virtual reality headset could be hitting public …

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Oculus reveals details on Rift consumer version

Oculus has revealed a few details surrounding the upcoming consumer version of its virtual reality headset. For a start, the specifications for the consumer version of the Oculus Rift have already been decided on and the team already has a price point in mind. Speaking with Eurogamer, Oculus founder, Palmer Luckey …

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