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Microsoft may be making huge changes to Hololens

Microsoft might be making huge changes to the development of the Hololens behind the scenes, as new reports are suggesting that the company recently fired as many as 60 engineers working on the project, based on technology that Microsoft acquired six years ago. Apparently the project change has been quite …

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Amazon designs pair of augmented reality glasses

Amazon has designed its own pair of augmented reality glasses, judging by a recent patent filing from the company. While many other device makers are currently focussed on virtual reality, there aren't as many big names currently working on augmented reality, aside from Microsoft with the Hololens and Google with …

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Apparently Samsung wants to compete with Hololens

Samsung was swift to jump in to the virtual reality game, getting Oculus on board to build its GearVR headset for use with Galaxy smartphones. Now rumours are suggesting that Samsung wants to get in to augmented reality as well, with a head display product designed to compete with Microsoft's …

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Hololens demo shows its potential for teaching

Microsoft's Hololens hasn't quite captured the online world's imagination like the Oculus Rift, but augmented reality has just as much potential as virtual reality in the right hands. With Microsoft's Hololens, it wants people to see it as much more than just an alternative to Google Glass. In a new …

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Google Glass may extend in to a product family

Google Glass may not be being developed out in the open anymore but that doesn't mean we aren't learning anything new about Google's plans for the wearable. A new report is suggesting that Glass will extend in to a range of products, rather than just being the one wearable. The …

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Unity Engine will fully support Microsoft Hololens

Microsoft announced the Hololens back in January and recently showed the device off a bit more at its annual Build conference last night. Now, Unity, the company behind the popular Unity Engine has announced that it will be fully supporting the augmented reality lenses. The announcement was made in an …

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Microsoft appoints Kinect dev as Xbox experience head

Microsoft's creative director of important technology like the Kinect camera and HoloLens augmented reality headset, Kudo Tsunoda, is being moved and promoted to head of new vision and experience development for Xbox, making him in charge of a number of internal developers like Lionhead, Rare, Press Play and Decisive Games. …

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Windows Holographic, the future of computer interaction


At todays Windows 10 event Microsoft announced, among many other things, its new plans for the future of computer interaction with Windows Holographic and Microsoft Hololens. Together these blend the real world around you with overlaid interactive holograms that can be controlled with gestures and voice, in ways only seen previously …

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