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You no longer have to be a developer to buy the Hololens

Earlier this year, Microsoft officially began selling its first Hololens devkit, though there were some hoops to jump through before purchasing one. For a start, you had to be a developer and you had to register for approval with Microsoft. Oh, and you also had to have $3000 handy. Now, Microsoft is opening up purchases a bit more, so almost anyone with the funds can buy one, or five.

Going forward, Microsoft will sell you up to five Hololens kits as long as you have a Microsoft account, have an address in the US or Canada, and can afford the $3000 price tag.


The Hololens is now up on the Microsoft Store and while consumers could technically buy one, do keep in mind that this still isn’t a product intended for consumers, the mass-market version of the Hololens will be coming later down the road, after developers have spent plenty of time experimenting and coming up with apps and use-cases for the augmented reality headset.

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KitGuru Says: The Hololens has garnered a lot of interest since it was first shown off last year. However, unless you’re a developer looking to potentially create software for the Hololens, you should probably steer clear of it for now. A consumer version will come out eventually. Are any of you guys interested in the Hololens? Is VR more your thing?

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