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EA is pleased about PS4 Neo and Project Scorpio

The console market is gearing up for big changes this year. The days of being stuck with the same level of hardware for an entire generation are fading away as both Microsoft and Sony are planning to launch beefier consoles soon. While there was some initial speculation over developer/publisher reaction to this news, we have already heard a few speak out in praise of the PS4 Neo/Project Scorpio and now, EA is joining the ranks, stating that the mid-generation console refresh is ‘great for the industry’.

During EA’s quarterly earnings call recently (via Videogamer), CFO Blake Jorgensen explained to investors that these new consoles should tackle the console backwards compatibility issue “head-on”, these new consoles should also “help the software side of the equation dramatically over time”.


EA CEO, Andrew Wilson also stepped in, offering his thoughts on Sony and Microsoft’s new upcoming consoles: “The reality for us is, again, in a networked world, liquidity of players is really, really important. And what we’ve seen over the last decade or more with respect to PC gamers is that community has continued to grow and it has grown a world where the hardware refresh cycle has been disconnected from the software refresh cycle.”

He added that by breaking down generation barriers with mid-cycle hardware updates, we will see a “much bigger global community” develop no matter which device you buy in a seven to ten-year timeframe. He also added that we could potentially see console cycles expanded to an “almost infinite level”:

“So on balance, we think this is great for the industry. It will almost certainly extend the console cycle almost to an infinite level if we get to a point where there’s just constant hardware upgrades and constant software upgrades but we are able through the scaling of our games to keep the community always together.”

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KitGuru Says: The mid-generation console refresh seems to have support on the developer side, but we have yet to see how many consumers are interested in buying a more powerful console so soon. Especially compared to last generation, where many users stuck with their Xbox 360s for 7 years or so. What do you guys think of the PS4 Neo and Project Scorpio? Do you think consoles should be a ten-year investment, or would you like to see updated hardware come out on a more regular basis?

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