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EA is pleased about PS4 Neo and Project Scorpio

The console market is gearing up for big changes this year. The days of being stuck with the same level of hardware for an entire generation are fading away as both Microsoft and Sony are planning to launch beefier consoles soon. While there was some initial speculation over developer/publisher reaction …

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The PS4 Neo won’t shorten the PS4’s life cycle

This generation of consoles has gotten pretty interesting recently, with both Sony and Microsoft now planning to launch significantly more powerful mid-generation consoles that offer full backwards compatibility with what is currently out there. While having a more powerful PS4 on the market might be cause for concern for original …

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Xbox One Scorpio said to be faster than PS4 Neo

It looks like we might see Microsoft turn the tables on Sony mid-generation this console cycle as both companies are currently rumoured to be preparing upgraded hardware versions of the Xbox One and PS4, but Microsoft's could end up being the more powerful of the two. When the Xbox One …

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Microsoft testing ‘variety’ of new Xbox prototypes

While we know that at least Sony and Nintendo will be facing off soon with the PS4 NEO and the Nintendo NX, we haven't heard much about Microsoft's plans. However, according to reports, a “variety” of new Xbox prototypes are currently being tested, some of which do have upgraded internal …

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