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PS4.5/PS4K codenamed NEO, exact specs leaked, said to arrive in October

It looks like this year's E3 could be quite interesting as not only are we expecting to hear a bit about the Nintendo NX but it is looking more and more likely that Sony will be announcing a more powerful PlayStation 4, with an improved GPU, CPU and higher memory bandwidth. However, those who already own a PS4 won't be left behind when it comes to games.

This time, Giant Bomb has managed to get a look at some documents detailing the new console, confirming that it is codenamed ‘NEO' and PS4 games will start to ship with a ‘Base Mode' and a ‘NEO Mode' for better performance/graphics. Base mode is what regular PS4 owners will use while NEO mode will take advantage of the additional power.


This all kicks off in October and presumably, this will have the biggest impact on PlayStation VR, which is also launching in October. According to the report, games that have already been released could take advantage of the new console hardware but it won't be an automatic upgrade, instead developers would have to go back and create a new patch for their games.

Sony apparently won't be allowing any ‘Neo-only' games so no customers should be alienated. As for the specifications, the new PS4 will feature a 2.1 GHz Jaguar 8-core chip, which is a step up from the current 1.6GHz CPU. The new GPU will once again be built by AMD, running at 911MHz, rather than 800MHz, featuring GCN technology and 36 compute units- which is twice as many found on the current PS4.

Memory bandwidth is also getting a boost up from 176GB/s up to 218GB/s though it will still be 8GB of VRAM in total.

KitGuru Says: At this point, it looks like the hardware upgrade for the PS4 is definitely happening. While previous reports suggested an announcement would come prior to October, now it looks like we can expect the console to release around the holiday season as well. Sony will still need developers to be willing to support both of its consoles though for this to be a real success. 

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  1. Id be pretty pissed if I had just bought an older PS4. Also one of the main point of consoles is the shelf life. If they are going to need upgrades every few years you might as well buy PC.

  2. 2.1Ghz jaguar? pretty sure it`ll be PUMA based or newer. gpu specs place it as an R9 480!

  3. No problem for whoever already has PS4. All games will have 2 settings for both consoles to play the best possible way. PS4K is needed for VR and AMD is to release some nice CPU-GPUs this year. Good for all imo.

  4. Yeah, where are all them anti PC people now?

    Told you all that consoles were lame! PC MASTER RACE=GO FTW MAXIMOOOOOOOO!!!~~~~

  5. These stats are pathetic.

    Any cheap i-3 will perform better then that cracker jack’s box quality 8 core cpu. This console is a waste of every-bodies time, just like consoles tend to be, ho ho ho!

  6. Well, except for the fact that console games are optimised for specific hardware. Even if this rumour is true that means at most 4 hardware combinations (PS4, PS4K, XBO and NX) compared to tens of thousands for PC. And at least three and maybe even all of those would be very similar hardware wise, thus lowering how much optimisation is needed. This means consoles simply do not need hardware as powerful as PCs to achieve the same thing.

  7. The article makes it clear that *IF* this happens they *won’t* need an upgrade because the old models will continue to get the same level of support. Plus, we don’t know if there will be “upgrades every few years” or not. We don’t know one way or the other if there will be more revisions or not.

  8. probo rahadianto

    Nothing said that it will run 4k 60 fps.

  9. That’s true, but they still struggle with making hardware that plays games at 60fps 1080p, they tend to knock some games down to 30fps and/or 720p.

    So even though they don’t require as powerful hardware the hardware they use still teeters on its limits.

    Unlike with PC where you can build a nice rig that’ll last you a decade still able to play on high settings after a few years console graphics are outdated and more often than not they are required to lower res and frame rate

    1080p is the lowest of the low in terms of res these days, consoles should be playing at 2k 144hz shortly, I doubt they will though.

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  11. That is due to developers trying to push the system too far. In the PS3 era devs released games like the Arkham series with lower resolutions and lower end effects than on PC. But now they aim for the high end and then port to PC (sometimes poorly). The hardware would perform better if devs did not aim for so high with them.

    But yes, high end PCs can achieve more. The area this is most true in is resolution. But this has always been true. Consoles will never be able to match PCs for resolution. Admittedly with this generation of consoles that gap is worse, which is likely why PS Neo is even a rumour and a possibility.

  12. Oh, and 2K is the same as 1080p. You see, rather confusingly, the 720p, 1080p etc ratings go of the lowest number (720p is 1280×720 and 1080p is 1920×1080) but the 2k, 4k etc ratings go off the highest number rounded up (so 2K is 1920x1080p and 4K is 3840x2160p aka 2160p).

  13. Yeah my mistake I meant 1440p 144hz

  14. Lmao ps4 isn’t even that old and ps 4.5 is already getting released. This basically shows how outdated/weak the hardware of the systems are if they need to be upgraded that soon. I’d be damn pissed if I owed a ps4 and then see a newer better (hardware wise) variant available in a year or two. But each to their own, whatever floats your boat, I will stick to pc’s and some older generation consoles.

  15. Problem is with console’s, they got to keep the cost down, they could easily build a console that will have better spec then the most powerful gaming pc, but it will then come at a cost, and most console lover’s will never ever pay that sort of price.

  16. Yes because nobody has ever bought a CPU or GPU to see it a year or so later falling behind its newest rivals… Oh wait. Yes they have, its called a competitive market. 980ti / Titan X already being lined up with replacements in under 6 months. wonder how people will feel to see their £500 – 800 GPU being out performed by new hardware… GET REAL Dumbass.

  17. Well you live up to your name! Isn’t that surprising.
    PC components are replaceable and an upgrade doesn’t cost much, for example you can sell your 980ti and add 30-40% of the price you sold it for to get the newer gpu that outperforms it. The performance difference between the 2 gpu’s however isn’t much. The new gen is probably 10-20% better on average, meaning the older gen can get similar results (or better if you overclock). Same thing applies to cpu’s.
    As for pc’s these components are currently high-end and will remain at least med-end for 2-3 generations. So for pc’s upgrading every generation doesn’t improve your performance by a lot.

    Consoles on the other hand try to achieve things they are incapable of, for example vr. Due to this it will have to get upgraded hardware wise. But the main point of buying a console is for playing their titles for several years without having to purchase a newer/better gen. For example xbox360 and ps3 got replaced after how many years? Yes quite a lot compared to ps4 to ps4.5.

    You see the thing is, you don’t want to upgrade your stuff every year or two if it is only for gaming. For example I currently have a high end rig and I can probably game at max quality with at least 60 fps for the upcomming 3-4 years at 1080p. That was a one time purchase and if I need replacements, I can easily sell one part and buy another one. With consoles the same thing applies. You only want to purchase your goods one time in several years to still keep enjoying your games at max quality. Ps3 and xbox360 proved this. But now with the ps4.5 Peoples have the option of enjoying the same games at better quality and will certainly feel ripped off depending on the price for it.

    There is no need to call someone a dumbass if you are incapable of comprehending some basic knowledge and unique selling points of certain products.

  18. Of course. The problem is simply that some developers are currently being unrealistic when it comes to how far they can push the hardware. Of course, there is developers that are being realistic as well. These developers make games that are still beautiful (eg Insomniac with Ratchet and Clank) but they are targeting realistic visuals for the hardware.

  19. Ah well that is another matter. But I think 1440p native at 30-60 is the best that is possible with the power and cost budget of a console, even if they are somehow fitting in the specs of Neo. And some games will be limited to 1080p at 30-60 due to how far they push graphical fidelity. Personally I prefer higher resolution over more graphical effects, but developers rarely agree with me on that.

    However, it *might* be possible for Sony to put a chip that upscales 1080p or 1440p to into the console to 2160p.

  20. Oh yes a USP is rather important. Of course. That is why this makes total fucking sense you moronic twit. They’re competing with M$ in the console market, offering VR and a capable console to viably use it is only going to help advance the technology as Sony then look into investing into other markets, you don’t seem to understand that a technology company investing in new markets is a GOOD thing. Lets just stick with HTC and Oculus for all VR needs and while we’re at it, lets get rid of all other companies which are investing in developing their own VR. Oh you have a console mass market, lets just completely ignore them too because PCMR demands it. You are truly a fucking jumped up jackass. Ps4.5 or project neo or whatever the fuck its called might not matter to the majority of Fuckboys but the truth is having developers working on a console which has a standardised hardware setup for VR is a good thing, it levels 1 aspect of a playing field meaning PC ports might be EASIER to balance once developers get used to it.