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Sony has sold close to 1 million PSVR headsets

It looks like Sony’s efforts to bring virtual reality to consoles has been paying off as close to one million PlayStation VR headsets have been sold since launch back in October, despite bouts of stock shortages over the holiday season. In total, Sony has sold 915,000 PlayStation VR headsets as …

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The PSVR can work with any HDMI input, in 2D


With the PlayStation VR headset now out in the wild, it didn’t take long for people to start trying to make it do things it’s not designed for: like playing content on the PC. However surprisingly enough, it works rather well, giving you a giant, floating 2D TV to play on. …

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1080p resolution to be mandatory on PS4 Neo

At this point, it seems like Sony isn’t even trying to keep its new PlayStation a secret anymore. Earlier this week, the exact specifications of the upcoming PS4 Neo came to light and now just a few days later, more information surrounding Sony’s policies have come to light. For starters, …

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Sony is announcing something PlayStationVR related soon

It looks like Sony has begun sending out press invitations for an event in San Fransisco next month, at which Sony will be talking more about PlayStation VR and likely making a few announcements. At this point, we have pricing and release dates for both the Oculus Rift and the …

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PlayStation VR to release in Autumn

Sony is set to bring Virtual Reality to consoles this year with the launch of PlayStation VR and while Sony has been pretty tight-lipped on things like pricing and a release date, GameStop’s CEO, Paul Raines has jumped the gun and said that the PS4 headset will be launching in …

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More retailers list PlayStationVR with pricing

Earlier this month, following the announcement of the Oculus Rift and its $600 price tag, Amazon Canada listed Sony’s PlayStation VR with a price tag of around $800 (US). At the time, Sony admitted that this was an error on Amazon’s part and wasn’t ready to share price details but …

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PlayStationVR briefly listed on Amazon for $800

It is clear at this point that virtual reality is going to be expensive to get into, especially if you want a first generation device. While the Oculus Rift was given an official $600 price tag yesterday, we have yet to see official prices for the HTC Vive or PlayStationVR, …

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PlayStation VR specs officially confirmed

Sony has been working on PlayStation VR (formerly Project Morpheus) since 2013. We already knew that the company had the final specification in mind, it was just waiting for developers to build a solid library of launch titles. Now, Sony has shared that final specification with the world, with a …

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PlayStation VR will have 120Hz and 90Hz display modes

Sony recently changed the name for Project Morpheus, the comany’s upcoming virtual reality headset for use with the PS4. The headset is now known as PlayStation VR and the final specs have been officially nailed down. Now, Sony has confirmed that the headset will feature 90Hz and 120Hz display modes …

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