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Sony showcases prototype VR headset with 8K display

We've known for some time now that Sony is planning a next-gen PSVR 2 headset and new controllers, but outside of that, very little has been officially revealed. That may have changed recently, as Sony has debuted a new VR headset prototype, boasting 8K resolution. 

The prototype headset uses OLED displays, offering 4K per-eye, combining for 8K resolution overall. The headset also has new tech to reduce latency and increase visual fidelity. The materials used can also pave the way for a smaller, lighter headset, which should improve comfort and usability for many.

This is just a prototype for now, coming from Sony's corporate R&D division, which is separate from PlayStation/Sony Interactive Entertainment. With that in mind, this isn't an early look at PSVR 2, but it gives us some hints as to what Sony is working on and the areas it will improve on with its next-gen VR headset.

With PSVR 2, expect new controllers for better motion input versus the older Wand controllers, higher resolution displays, a lighter and smaller form factor and reduced latency. We are unlikely to see 8K on PSVR 2, but we should still see a significant increase in pixel count, more in-line with current VR headsets like the Meta Quest 2 and the Valve Index.

KitGuru Says: Compared to 2019 and early 2020, there has been much less hype around VR this year, perhaps due to a lack of new hardware and major software releases like Half-Life: Alyx. Hopefully we can see another big push for VR in the next couple of years with Sony's next-gen headset and development resources. 

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