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Sony promises bigger and better games for PlayStation VR

Virtual reality walks the line between an innovative, immersive piece of technology and a passing fad, namely due to the lack of content in comparison to the higher-end price point. Although prices are slowly coming down, Sony are intent to get ahead of the curve, with the company “doubling down” on its plans for PlayStation VR.

During GameStop Expo, Sony's Vice President of Marketing Asad Qizilbash confirmed that the company is “super-focused” on the upcomng VR content that PlayStation will have to offer. He wanted to address the lack of content, stating that the aim is to get “some really good games” out for what he considers a “great platform.”

Qizilbash confirmed that the upcoming slate has a “really good balance” between indie and AAA titles and there would “absolutely” be more AAA titles making their way to the platform.


This doesn't clarify what is truly considered a AAA game for a platform that is still in need to exploring, however they will likely carry big names. But that isn't always confirmation of what to expect, given that Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV carries Square Enix's beloved franchise into the VR world, yet pertains to a vastly different audience.

Sony is introducing a new bundle in the US, pairing the headset with the required PlayStation Camera for $399. This is the same price that the headset originally launched at standalone, effectively resulting in a price reduction of $50/60 depending on the state. Canada will also be receiving the new bundle, priced at $499. Other parts of the world might see the bundle in the near future, however nothing is confirmed at this point.

KitGuru Says: This news isn't surprising to me, given that Sony's E3 lineup was more or less dominated by an enormous VR segment. If the company does find success with new AAA games, this could prompt similarly big ideas on other platforms such as Vive and Oculus. What series would you like to see in VR?

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