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Microsoft testing ‘variety’ of new Xbox prototypes

While we know that at least Sony and Nintendo will be facing off soon with the PS4 NEO and the Nintendo NX, we haven’t heard much about Microsoft’s plans. However, according to reports, a “variety” of new Xbox prototypes are currently being tested, some of which do have upgraded internal …

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Gamestop claims new Console hardware is coming very soon

Right now, there seems to be an awful lot of talk surrounding a new batch of consoles. Nintendo’s NX is rumoured to launch at the end of the year, rumours and leaks surrounding the PS4K have really picked up steam and Microsoft itself has willingly talked about the possibility of …

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Rumour: Sony to build new PS4 for 4K gaming

Over the last couple of years, PC gamers have been moving more and more towards 4K gaming and while many graphics cards do struggle at the higher resolution, playable frame rates are achievable. However, that’s just the PC side of things, what about consoles? Well it turns out that Sony …

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