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Rumour: Sony to build new PS4 for 4K gaming

Over the last couple of years, PC gamers have been moving more and more towards 4K gaming and while many graphics cards do struggle at the higher resolution, playable frame rates are achievable. However, that's just the PC side of things, what about consoles? Well it turns out that Sony is apparently breifing developers on a new, more powerful PS4, with the aim of enabling 4K gaming.

A report from Kotaku published today cites ‘development sources' and based on these conversations, the site claims that Sony is planning what it seen as a ‘PS4.5' or sometimes jokingly referred to as the PS4K.


This new PS4 would obviously include an upgraded GPU and would also give developers extra power to push PlayStation VR more. Such a PS4 would also allow the console to be more competitive with the gaming PC market as well. This isn't a huge secret in the development world either, apparently quite a few studios are aware of the device and its capabilities at this point.

Right now, there is no word on a potential release date or a launch price but an upgraded PS4 could allow Sony to keep selling a $400 console. This news comes just a short couple of weeks after Microsoft's Phil Spencer began talking about upgrading the horsepower of the Xbox One.

KitGuru Says: This is pretty big news if true. However, Sony would need quite the upgrade to allow developers to create games at 4K. A push for 4K would also likely mean that we will be stuck with 30 frames per second for the vast majority of console games for the forseeable future, rather than pushing for a smoother 60 frames per second. 

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