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Xbox One Scorpio said to be faster than PS4 Neo

It looks like we might see Microsoft turn the tables on Sony mid-generation this console cycle as both companies are currently rumoured to be preparing upgraded hardware versions of the Xbox One and PS4, but Microsoft's could end up being the more powerful of the two.

When the Xbox One and PS4 first launched, it was clear right from the get-go that Sony had the more capable hardware. However, with the PS4 Neo, the currently leaked specifications point towards 4.14 teraflops of compute performance, while Microsoft's Xbox One Scorpio is said to be hitting six teraflops, according to a GamesIndustry report, which could give it a decent edge.


This would be quite the turn of events but if it ends up having an overly adverse effect on cost, then Microsoft may not be able to claw back the market. One of the big reasons for Microsoft's hardware upgrade is said to be VR, as Kotaku's report on the matter notes that this new Xbox One should be compatible with the Oculus Rift.

The plan right now is to get all current Xbox One games running on both the new and old hardware, Microsoft also apparently wants to bring the Xbox interface to the PC and make all of its future flagship games cross-platform.

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KitGuru Says: If Microsoft can turn the tables and end this generation with the more powerful console, then it may manage to claw back some marketshare. That said, we have yet to see how well these new upgraded consoles will be received, or what sort of demand there is out there for them. 

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