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Images of Asus and Zotac custom GTX 1080 GPUs appear online

We have known about the GTX 1080 Founders Edition for a few weeks now and the reviews already paint a pleasant picture. However, what we have yet to see are custom cooled partner cards from the likes of Asus, MSI, EVGA or Zotac. Fortunately, some images have made their way on to the web today, showing off some of the custom GTX 1080s that will be available at some point.


First up we have the GTX 1080 AMP! Series from Zotac, there are two in this range, the AMP! and the AMP! Extreme, both of which feature IceStorm fans with Carbon ‘ExoArmor' and a custom back plate. There is also an LED system to illuminate part of the triple fan cooler. Unfortunately, Videocardz wasn't able to get a hold of any exact specifications, so we don't know what sort of factory overclock we could be getting.


The next leaked GTX 1080 is from Asus. What you see above is the newly designed Strix cooler, featuring three fans running across the length of the PCB, as well as a fairly beefy heatsink to help transfer heat away from the GPU core quickly and efficiently. The cooler has some LEDs on it and just like the Zotac card, Videocardz was unable to get a hold of the factory overclock, but given that the box says OC on the side, we can be certain that there will be one. No confirmation on a back plate yet though.

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KitGuru Says: Both of these custom cooled GTX 1080s look great but unfortunately we still don't know about exact specifications. We will also need to wait for reviews to find out just how well the coolers perform too. Are any of you currently planning on buying a GTX 1080? Are you buying a Founders Edition or waiting for custom solutions like these? 

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