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Baidu opens augmented reality development lab


Chinese search giant Baidu has announced the opening of a brand new branch of the company which will focus entirely on augmented reality. The new research facility is part of a $200 million investment by the firm which it hopes will drive future profits, partly through the creation of new, augmented …

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Augmented kids book hits museums with viral marketing


Although Augmented Reality isn’t a technology that’s particularly widespread just yet, it is gradually seeping into the real world. One area where it’s starting to make a big impact is in children’s books, where augmented reality visuals can be shown through a smartphone to bring the novels to life. Good …

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TinyMe launches personalised, augmented reality book for kids


Bringing the characters in childrens’ favourite stories to life is normally the job of an imaginative and descriptive parent, but TinyMe offers a more technological alternative. Leveraging augmented reality and personalised printing, the developers of The Amazing Alphabet offer a book to kids that caters directly to them, while teaching …

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Tim Cook thinks Augmented Reality will be bigger than VR


While Virtual Reality has created a lot of buzz over the last couple of years, ever since Microsoft’s Hololens announcement, interest in Augmented Reality has been growing. We have heard rumours about Apple experimenting with both VR and AR but this week, Tim Cook spoke out about which of the …

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Intel said to be working on a HoloLens rival

It looks like Microsoft could have some serious competition in the augmented reality space soon as reports are suggesting that Intel is developing its own competitor to the HoloLens. According to sources familiar with Intel’s plans, the company’s new Augmented Reality headset will use the firm’s own RealSense 3D technology. …

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The DAQRI Augmented Reality headset debuts at CES

Altering reality is perhaps the biggest theme of the Consumer Electronics Show this year, but it’s not all about HTC and Oculus, as DAQRI has come up with an AR device of its own, powered by an Intel processor, RealSense 3D camera, and the ability to overlays schematics and blueprints …

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Microsoft confirms 60 job cuts in Hololens team

Microsoft has confirmed that it has cut 60 jobs from the Hololens team as part of a shift in priorities in the development of the augmented reality headset. The team based in Israel was affected, with 30 full-time workers and 30 third-party contractors affected, the development of the Hololens will …

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Amazon designs pair of augmented reality glasses

Amazon has designed its own pair of augmented reality glasses, judging by a recent patent filing from the company. While many other device makers are currently focussed on virtual reality, there aren’t as many big names currently working on augmented reality, aside from Microsoft with the Hololens and Google with …

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