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Apple to ditch aluminium and go back to glass for 2017 iPhone

The iPhone has been through plenty of iterations over the years, starting off as a plastic-cased device, then making the jump to glass with the iPhone 4 and then switching to an aluminium build with the iPhone 5S/iPhone 6. However, it looks like the company will be switching back in 2017, as analysts claim that the iPhone will have its next major re-design with an all-glass enclosure and possibly an AMOLED display.

We already know that Apple and Samsung have hammered out a deal for future OLED iPhone displays, though this report suggests AMOLED, which could be a possibility. According to KGI's Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple's major iPhone re-design won't be coming in 2016 with the iPhone 7 but rather, in 2017.

iPhone concept image by Martin Hajek (via Forbes)

As more and more Android device makers switch to metal-cased phones, Apple's switch back to glass could help it stand out from the crowd once again in terms of design. Specifics about the new 2017 iPhone design weren't mentioned but it is said to be more akin to the iPhone 4.

The obvious downside to all of this is that if true, Apple will be breaking its traditional tick-tock cycle, meaning the 2016 iPhone 7 won't be too different to the iPhone 6S but next year's iPhone should see some major improvements and changes.

KitGuru Says: While we still have this year's iPhone to look forward to, a lot of reports seem to be focussing on what is going on next year instead, indicating that this year's release may not be that exciting. Are any of you currently using an iPhone? I'm still on my 5S at the moment but it doesn't sound like the 2016 iPhone will be too tempting. 

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