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Sony retire the Walkman cassette player

We all know the Sony Walkman, it was a piece of history. I still remember heading into work in the morning with my trusty compilation tapes ready to blast out 80’s tracks such as Spandau Ballet and Adam Ant (yes I have crap taste in music I know).

According to Sony, the last batch of the Walkman player was produced in April and once this batch is sold out, there will be no more.

Sony began producing the Walkman in 1979 and in the 80’s its popularity was world dominating, Sony sold 220 million worldwide throughout 30 years of production – staggering statistics.

Sadly sales of the Walkman have dropped in recent years, even though they have been supplemented with CD and MP3 versions – these devices should continue to be made for the forseeable future. CD players are (not surprisingly) dropping in popularity as MP3s dominate the market.

KitGuru says: Sony also stopped producing floppy discs in April, after sales started in 1983. Another piece of technology sent to the history archives.

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