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Joby launches new range of Wavo professional microphones

Joby has been known amongst content creators for years thanks to the Gorillapod, one of the most popular flexible tripods for filming IRL content. Now, Joby is expanding from camera accessories and into the audio market, with a full range of new microphones to suit every budget.

As always, great video needs to be accompanied by great audio. With that in mind, Joby is introducing all-new pro audio gear, including a range of Wavo microphones for different use cases, and prices starting at under £70.

At the entry level we have the Wavo Lav PRO and the Wavo POD, costing £68.95 and £85.95 respectively. The former is a lavalier microphone, a highly sensitive mic with a very small footprint, protected by a a foam windscreen to remove vocal plosives or soft wind. The Wavo Lav PRO comes equipped with a 2.5m long cable, so you'll have no problem routing it and attaching it to yourself.

The Wavo POD on the other hand is a USB condenser microphone, utilising USB Type-C and offering both cardioid and omnidirectional pickup patterns. As you would expect, the microphone supports microphone stands, so you can remove the base and raise the microphone up from your desk for better audio.

From here, we get into Joby's high-end offerings, starting with the Wavo AIR, priced at £214.95. This is a wireless microphone kit, packing two lav mics for hands-free audio capture using a smartphone, or a camera using TRS and TRRS cables. The kit also comes with two transmitters, making them suitable for conducting interviews. In terms of wireless range, the Wavo Air is impressive, offering up to 50 meters of range, so you can record audio far from the camera to enrich video content.

The final two products in the lineup include the Wavo PRO DS, which will be available starting on the 4th of March for £228.95, and the Wavo PRO, which costs £257.95.

Starting off with the Wavo PRO DS, this is a shotgun microphone, sharing many components with Joby's flagship microphone, the Wavo PRO. The mic uses a seamless plug-and-play interface, a high-pass filter to clean sound and remove unwanted low frequencies while recording, integrated LEDs for battery and audio level monitoring and an onboard safe track for mono or dual channel recording.

The Wavo PRO naturally does everything the DS does but with a few extras baked in, including an intelligent hybrid analog/digital system to power active noise reduction, and Rycote technology to process and clear sounds made during on-the-go recording, like knocks against the microphone. Through an iOS or Android device, users can manage settings and monitor audio recording in real-time on their smartphone.

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KitGuru Says: Joby's new line-up of Wavo microphones looks to be worth a look for all kinds of content creators, from those filming voice over at home to those conducting interviews to those filming bigger projects out in the wild. 

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