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Sharkoon launches SKILLER SGD1 desk with integrated cable management

As PC enthusiasts, many of us here take pride in our overall setups and getting a nice desk is usually a big part of that. Sharkoon has already delved into the furniture world with its own series of gaming chairs and now, the SKILLER SGD1 desk has also been added to the mix.

The SKILLER SGD1 from Sharkoon takes on a modern desk design, with a black surface, integrated cable management and height adjustment. The projected sides of the surface act as a good place to put your elbows, meanwhile the edges of the top surface are chamfered to server as a wrist rest of sorts- although if your keyboard has its own padded wrist rest, you’ll likely want to keep using that instead.

While the top surface is black, the legs are blue. We don’t know if different coloured versions will be available later down the line, but this could serve as a good way to colour co-ordinate beyond your chair, peripherals and any lights you may have in your rig. The legs are also made out of steel and are laid out in a triangle formation to offer stability. The feet can be raised or lowered to give you a degree of height adjustment.

In terms of weight/size, the desk is 33.5 kg and measures in at 145 x 81 x 14.5 centimetres, so it is sensibly sized. The cable tidy is stashed underneath the top surface too, so you can keep everything looking clean.

This desk will begin shipping this month, with a €229 price tag.

KitGuru Says: A lot of PC gamers have taken to gaming chairs in different colour combinations, so it will be interesting to see if the same idea can catch on with desks. The SGD1 is quite expensive though. What do you guys look for when it comes to getting a desk?

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