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Couple arrested for selling hard drives filled with illegal music

A man and a woman have been arrested today by the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit after they were suspected of earning £350,000 by selling hard drives filled with illegally downloaded music. The couple would sell drives containing around 200,000 songs and music videos, the scheme made them a pretty large chunk of money too.

Head of the PIPCU, DCI Daniel Medlycott, gave a statement, noting the importance of our creative industries: “Not only are we recognized worldwide as producing great films, TV and music but these industries are playing a large part in supporting our country financially, contributing a huge £71.4 billion to the UK economy and supporting 1.68 million jobs.”


The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit has been up and running for around a year, having launched during September last year. Since then several IP crime arrests have been made but nobody has been successfully prosecuted. The two biggest cases so far involved a man being arrested for running a proxy server, allowing users to bypass court ordered blocks and access region restricted content. Additionally, a man was arrested and later released without charges for running a series of illegal sports streaming sites.

According to Medleycott, the PIPCU is “committed to tacking individuals that think they  can exploit others’ copyrighted material for their own financial gain.”

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KitGuru Says: £350,000 is a lot of money to make from selling off illegally downloaded music. I can’t think of any reason as to why someone would bother buying a hard drive filled with pirated music when they could just do it themselves if they wanted it that badly, but that might just be me. 

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