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UK ISPs are now blocking 93 piracy sites

UK internet providers have been forced in to blocking another 53 piracy websites, bringing the total number of sites banned by court order to 93. The ruling came down from the high court and is the latest in a series of on-going blocks.

The Motion Picture Association is obviously supportive of these court orders, stating that country wide blocking is an “accepted and legitimate measure” to fighting piracy. Chris Marcich, EMEA president of the MPA also added that “It carefully targets sites whose sole purpose is to make money off the back of other people's content while paying nothing back into the legitimate economy”.


These court rulings order the five major UK ISPs to block access to websites that breach copyright law. BT was the first company to begin blocking the new batch of sites, although Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin Media and EE will all need to follow suit soon. Smaller internet providers aren't listed on these orders and therefor aren't obligated to block any sites.

New sites blocked include IPTorrents, TorrentDay, Isohunt, Sumotorrent and Stream TV. These blocks are all relatively easy to bypass and each site blocked seems to be replaced almost instantly so these court orders remain to be an ineffective tactic.

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KitGuru Says: The UK government has been getting heavily involved with piracy concerns recently and isn't showing any signs of slowing down, despite its tactics remaining ineffective. What do you guys think of these court ordered blocks?

Source: Wired

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