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Virgin Media now offers 500Mbps broadband, outpacing BT & others once again

Virgin Media is well known for its high-speed broadband offerings throughout a good chunk of the UK. Up until now, the top speed available has been 350Mbps down, which already outpaces other ISPs tied to the Open Reach infrastructure. Now, Virgin Media will be raising the bar once again, with a 500Mbps option.

Virgin Media's VIVID 500 package will offer download speeds of 500Mbps down and 35Mbps up. As part of Virgin Media's speed guarantee, you may actually see speeds slightly higher, as over provisions are in place that could deliver 575Mbps down or 38.5Mbps up.

There is an unfortunate downside to note. At the moment, Virgin's VIVID 500 broadband package is only available as part of the company's flagship ‘V.VIP' bundle, which adds on two Tivo boxes, access to 300 TV channels and a phone line and a mobile SIM card for £99 per month for the first year (£139 after).

Eventually, the VIVID 500 broadband package will likely be available standalone.

KitGuru Says: I had a really good experience with Virgin Media's 200Mbps package a few years back. Unfortunately, I have since moved to an area where I have to rely on Open Reach lines and as a result, my top speed is now 76Mbps. What broadband speed do you currently get with your ISP? Would you be tempted by Virgin Media's 500Mbps offering? 

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