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Big ISPs to start sending out piracy warning letters


The big four internet service providers (ISP) in the UK have agreed to voluntarily begin sending out warning letters to customers that are suspected of piracy. That means customers of Sky, BT, Virgin Media and TalkTalk may now receive a warning if their IP address is thought to be involved …

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Amazon may bundle internet access with Prime in Europe


Over the last couple of years, Amazon has been finding new ways to draw people over to its Prime subscription service. Right now, Amazon Prime packs in faster delivery, video streaming, Twitch benefits and eventually, Amazon may also offer its own Prime Internet service. According to reports this week, Amazon …

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BT is facing a broadband outage across the UK

If you happen to have BT as your ISP here in the UK, then you may find yourself having connection troubles today as the provider is currently facing outages across the country, which are currently affecting both business and home broadband customers. According to the Down Detector chart, more than …

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UK ISPs to block 85 more pirate sites

The UK High Court has once again ordered internet service providers to expand its list of blocked sites, with a new wave of 85 sites set to be blocked this week on the likes of Sky, Virgin Media, BT and TalkTalk. This will be one of the larger ban waves …

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Fourth arrest made in TalkTalk hacking case

The police have been really cracking down on the people behind the TalkTalk hack a couple of weeks back, with four people now arrested in total. Yesterday, police made their way to Norwich to arrest and search the home of a 16 year old connected to the crime, which saw …

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Second person arrested in TalkTalk hack investigation

The UK police have managed to track down and arrest a second suspect in the TalkTalk hacking case, which saw the personal information of the ISP's customers stolen. The second suspect was arrested in London on suspicion of Computer Misuse Act offences after detectives searched his home. The first arrest …

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T-Mobile Austria refuses request to block Pirate Bay

In a continuing trend that shows ISPs on the continent have more backbone than all of the big ones in the UK, T-Mobile Austria has refused a request from a copyright lobby group to voluntarily block The Pirate Bay and a number of other sites, after a rival ISP was …

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BT: US telecom companies stifle competition

Breaking America is difficult, whether you're a pop star or a giant telecoms company, apparently. UK based BT has called on U.S. regulators to change the current laws on the sale of network usage, making it possible for different companies to access each other's network at a regulated price. As …

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EU mandate may block Cameron’s anti-porn filtering

David Cameron has been trying to make pornography harder to access for some time now. At various points throughout the past couple of years, he's discussed how he thinks it's too easy for children to see and that he wants to see companies and the government do more to prevent that. …

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