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Second person arrested in TalkTalk hack investigation

The UK police have managed to track down and arrest a second suspect in the TalkTalk hacking case, which saw the personal information of the ISP's customers stolen. The second suspect was arrested in London on suspicion of Computer Misuse Act offences after detectives searched his home. The first arrest was made on Monday in Northern Ireland.

While the first suspect was 15 years old, the second suspect is 16. We don't know if police found evidence at the 15 year old's premises but the second suspect was arrested following a search of his house, so presumably the police found something there connecting him to the crime.


At the time of the attack, TalkTalk said that the hackers could have potentially taken the financial and user data of all four million customers. Some of the information wasn't encrypted either, which makes matters worse. Unfortunately, TalkTalk is refusing to let anyone out of their ISP contract following this hack, unless they can prove they lost money as a direct result of their information being stolen, according to a few reports.

The police have also searched a third home in Liverpool in connection to the hack, though as far as we know right now, a third arrest has not been made.

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KitGuru Says: Once again, this is a case of innocent until proven guilty, after all, we don't have all the facts yet. Are any of you using TalkTalk right now? Are you going to try and get out of your contract after this hack?

Via: The BBC

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