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Fourth arrest made in TalkTalk hacking case

The police have been really cracking down on the people behind the TalkTalk hack a couple of weeks back, with four people now arrested in total. Yesterday, police made their way to Norwich to arrest and search the home of a 16 year old connected to the crime, which saw the details of thousands of TalkTalk customers accessed, presumably to either use as part of a scam or to sell on.

At this point, a 15 year old, two 16 year olds and a 20 year old man have been arrested in connection to the hack. They have all been taken in under the Computer Misuse Act, though nobody has been proven 100% guilty just yet.


Additionally, a government inquiry is looking in to the hack, along with current cyber security measures in order to figure out exactly how this happened and come up with ways for companies to better protect themselves and user-data.

TalkTalk has since detailed how many details were accessed during the hack. In total, around 21,000 people had their bank account numbers and sort codes taken, while 28,000 credit or debit card numbers were also taken, though these were encrypted. 15,000 dates of birth and 1.2 million email addresses, names and phone numbers were also taken as part of the hack.

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KitGuru Says: Four people have been arrested so far for supposedly taking part in this cyber attack, so this seems like it may have been a fairly large and coordinated effort. Are any of you using TalkTalk as your ISP?

Via: Wired

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