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UK’s ad watchdog is making ISPs simplify broadband pricing

The UK's Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has confirmed that it is introducing new guidelines that would put ISPs in a position where they would need to make broadband pricing more transparent and simplify packages. This comes just a day after TalkTalk confirmed that it would be taking the first steps to simplifying its broadband pricing by including Line Rental in the overall monthly cost, rather than leaving it in the small print.

Now we know why TalkTalk decided to make such a move, as the ASA wants all UK internet providers to do the same as a single figure will make it easier to know exactly what you are paying each month, rather than masking additional line rental fees.

Image Source: Lars P via Flickr/Creative-Commons

These stricter guidelines were proposed at the start of the year and will come into full effect by October. On top of including line rental in the monthly broadband fee from now on, the ASA also wants ISPs to be more transparent and clear about any upfront costs, like activation/installation fees. Extra steps also need to be taken to show costs after any promotional periods and how long your contract lasts.

KitGuru Says: While most people know to expect line rental fees with their broadband, the experience could be confusing for those dealing with this sort of thing for the first time. More transparency on fees like this should be standard, so it is good to see the ASA taking these steps. Have any of you ever been caught out by hidden ISP costs? 

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