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The ASA is investigating No Man’s Sky


No Man's Sky didn't end up being the game many had hoped it would be and to make matters worse, in many ways, it didn't turn out to be the game promised either. As a result of this, it looks like the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has launched an …

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YouTubers now have official guidelines for advertising

Google Adsense revenue has taken a hit over the years thanks to the popularity of browser extensions like Adblock Plus. As a result, many YouTubers have resorted to outside sponsorships and advertising deals that can be integrated directly in to their videos. Since these sorts of deals are so new, …

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Youtubers warned by Ad Standards to flag promo videos

Along with all of the GamerGate furore that has engulfed the world of games journalism in the past few months, Youtube Let's Players have been catching flak too, for not making promotional videos obvious enough. Sure they might have put a disclaimer in the description, but when the content in …

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ASA upholds Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer complaint

The Advertising Standards Agency has upheld a complaint from a redditor, over the way Sega and Gearbox Software advertised Aliens: Colonial Marines, by using demo footage from much earlier in development (which looked fantastic in comparison to the final product) forcing them to put a disclaimer on all future ad …

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Apple stores set to fall foul of Trading Standards?

Here at KitGuru, we like the idea that all advertising needs to be legal, honest and decent. It's a cornerstone of how the world does business and it's to be applauded. Photos sent in from a shopping centre in North London have given cause for concern with the packaging of …

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