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Vivaldi is the first web browser to support Razer Chroma

While most are content using Chrome or Firefox for their browsing needs, there are plenty of lesser-known options available with interesting features. Vivaldi is one of them, building a name by being one of the most customisable web browsers around. In keeping with that theme, Vivaldi has now teamed up with Razer to implement Chroma support.

Vivaldi has an adaptive user interface that gives you control over the position, size and appearance of different browser elements, essentially paving the way for each individual user to create their own ideal layout. Now as part of the Vivaldi 2.5 update, users can also sync the browser up with Razer Chroma devices. Vivaldi also has Philips Hue integration, so you could have whole room and peripheral lighting adjust based on the webpages you are scrolling through, or the videos you are watching.

Other Vivaldi 2.5 features are aimed at those who open up a lot of tabs. Tab hibernating will let you put certain tabs or groups of tabs to sleep in order to reduce RAM usage. Tab tiling is another feature that lets you look at multiple websites using a split-screen view.

Video streaming sites that use HTML5, like YouTube, will get a ‘pop out’ view option, so you can watch videos in a floating window while browsing elsewhere. You can also create your own custom shortcuts to make quick use of different features.

KitGuru Says: Vivaldi’s customisable UI has me intrigued, especially as someone who often has upwards of 20 tabs open for work. Have any of you used Vivaldi at all? Would you recommend it?

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