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We now know when EA will be holding its E3 conference

E3 is about six weeks away, so far we know when Microsoft, Sony, Bethesda and Square Enix will be holding their own press conferences for game announcements and now, EA has announced its own plans for E3 as well.

EA will be holding its own hour-long press conference on the 15th of June at 9PM here in the UK, which works out as 1PM Pacific Time. This isn’t too surprising as it is common for EA and even Ubisoft to hold their own little conferences following the announcements from Microsoft and Sony.


Right now, there is no guarantee as to what we will see. However, at the Star Wars Celebration last week, select members of the press were shown a Battlefront gameplay demo. It is possible that EA will make this footage public during E3, which would be nice as so far, we have basically seen nothing.

In addition, last year EA announced Mirror’s Edge 2, Bioware is working on Mass Effect 4 and there are some big plans for Star Wars: The Old Republic. That said, EA also has the rights to a bunch of sports titles, so we will probably see the likes of Fifa and Madden also taking up stage time.

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KitGuru Says: Plenty of gamers still have an issue with EA but the publisher has released some very good games recently and it likely has some exciting announcements up its sleeve. What would you like to see at EA’s conference? For me, Battlefront gameplay is a must, I’d also like to see some more of Mirror’s Edge 2. 

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