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Talented modder merges Playstation 3 and Xbox 360

This is definitely one of the cooler mods we have seen in a long time, while browsing Reddit. Talented modder ‘Timofiend' said he has spent a month or so modifying a Playstation 3 to fit into the same PC case as an Xbox 360.

A single PC case containing both consoles is no mean feat. He has reported no major problems and that he wants to build a guide to help others achieve the same goal.

While he could have opted for liquid cooling, it would have made the whole project more complex (and expensive), so he opted for plain old air cooling and attached some read outs to the front of the chassis. It also shows that the larger PC case helps improve air flow significantly, when compared against the tiny little cases both companies supply with their consoles.

We think this is really clever, and you can follow the thread of conversation over here.

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