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Tired? use the NapAnywhere pillow

If you like napping when you are travelling then the new NapAnywhere pillow might just be the next gadget on your shortlist. The new design is designed to support your neck, even when sitting straight up. Ideal for those plane flights. Some of our staff would feel right at home using one of these even during the day during working hours.

Creator Ravi Shamaiengar spoke out about the problems faced by commuters on aircraft, who need to sleep. He said “Like many, I would use a U-shaped neck pillow. Unfortunately, the support I needed just wasn't there.”

NapAnywhere starts as a flat disc and once it is opened the top of the pillow forms a shelf where the head can be rested, with support. The bottom curves over the shoulder. The area between this allows the weight to be distributed around the shoulder and stops the head drooping which leads to neck pain and problems.

The pillow also is supplied with an adjustable strap with holds everything in place while sleeping. The top of the pillow is warm to the touch and the other side feels cool. It weighs only 230 g and it folds flat for easy transportation in a bag.

Ravi Shamaiengar is looking for funding on KickStarter. The minimum pledge is $39, and you receive a pillow at this price. So far he has raised $22,000 of the $40,000 amount, with only 9 days to go. If you want to help him, head over here. The official website is also a mine of useful information – which you can see here.

Kitguru says: A useful product to have on those long journeys? Or just lazy enough to use it during the normal working day?

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