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Grado PS1000 Headphones & Graham Slee Solo Super Ultra Linear Amp Review

It will be a shock to many that a pair of £1,700 headphones arrive in such a shoddy white box. It is plain cardboard with foam inserts.

Grado are a relatively small family run business, so the presentation is sadly lacking as they put all their time and effort into the design and creation of the headphones themselves. It may bother people used to Sennheiser packaging, but we can live with it.

When the headphones are removed, there is an extension cable and a 6.35mm to 3.5 mm converter cable.

The PS1000 headphones are really very heavy, especially when compared to the wooden GS1000i’s. They do however look absolutely stunning. Like the GS1000i set, the phones have an 8 conductor cable design with high quality dynamic transducers. Grado claim that the control and stability of these phones is unsurpassed throughout the range of the frequency spectrum.

The cable is reassuringly thick and is held in place with a substantial support. It ends in a 6.35mm gold plated plug. This is an extremely high quality cable as we would expect at the price.

The PS1000 is a dynamic transducer design which works on an open air principle, with a frequency response of 5hz to 50khz.

The GS1000i by comparison have a frequency response of 8hz to 35khz. Both phones have a 32 ohm impedance rating with a matched driver db rating of 0.05.

Both sets of phones are supplied with the oversized cushion design implemented by Grado many years ago for this range.

The idea is to create a ‘room’ for the ears to sit inside, which in effect creates a larger soundstage and greater spatial awareness. Grado spent many years working on fine tuning the balance between the driver and the housing to create the desired end result. Finding the sweet spot was painstaking, but they claim to have found it.

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