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New concerns emerge over Google privacy

Data Protection officials from France, Spain and the Czech Republic have announced plans to analyse Google's collection of data from wireless networks in their respective countries. This could well be the first step in regards to sanctions from European countries.

Earlier this week Google made the statement that they had collected 600 gigabytes of data – apparently data from web sites and email messages from unsecured Wi-fi networks. This caused concerns and privacy lawyers said Google were likely to face fines as well as a subsequent loss in public faith.

Ulrich Börger a privacy lawyer with firm Latham and Watkins said “I think at the end of the day, this will likely amount to fines, which Google can certainly manage.”

The UK and Ireland have been more relaxed about the situation however and regulators have said they are not initiating investigations but they did instruct Google to destroy the personal data collected in their countries. Gary Davis, Irelands deputy data protection commissioner said that his agency was satisfied the data had been destroyed and would work closely with Google to ensure this was not a reoccuring issue.

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