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Wii sales not so wii – 70 million worldwide

Nintendo’s latest financial records are very positive indeed with figures showing that the Wii console has just passed the 70 million mark sales figure. There were 20.53 million sales in the fiscal year which ended March 31st, 2010.

70.93 million means that Nintendo have around 49 percent of the home console marketplace with the Xbox 360 sitting at 27 percent and the Playstation 3 at 24 percent. Sales of the Wii in Japan increased from 2.06 million to 2.38 million however sales in the America regions dropped from 12.93 million to 9.86 million.

Software sales however decreased however with detailed figures not being available at time of press.

KitGuru says : The Wii has been a phenomenal success for Nintendo which just goes to show that the lack of HD graphics aren’t necessary to generate sales.

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