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iPad 3G shortages – artificial or genuine?

The success of the iPad has been well documented by KitGuru as well as every other technology news site on the internet. Sales in the first month were around the 1 million mark in the USA alone and assuredly European sales will be high next month. Unfortunately in the USA the 3G model has already sold out, in only a weeks time.

Many Apple fan sites reported on the unavailability of the unit and at the weekend over a dozen Apple stores such as those in Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles and Boston announced that they also had no more 3G models to sell. Apple is trying to help by allowing customers to put their names on a waiting list – probably to try and ease customers unhappiness with the situation.

Many sites are saying that the shortages are in part due to the unprecedented sales, which even Apple said they weren't expecting. Another possible theory is that with the imminent launch in so many other countries that Apple are moving and holding stocks in those regions to ensure that sales figures will prove solid over the next couple of months. Apple want to break as many records as possible and to fail due to shortages would be a huge failing for the Cupertino technology giant.

Some analysts however believe that the touchscreens production simply can't keep up with demand which is relating to 3G shortages in the USA. Another train of thought comes into play and I noticed that several news sites have mentioned that they feel Apple are intentionally causing ‘artificial' shortages to keep up news coverage and to force a higher level of demand. It is well known that this tactic actually helps to sell a product – people want what they can't have, right?

KitGuru says: Apple sales are set to continue this year – lets hope that unhappy US customers have the patience to wait on their 3G model.

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