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Apple reject Samsung offer to settle legal wrangling

We reported yesterday that Samsung wanted an end to the legal concerns in Australia. Apple have rejected the offer, which may cause serious problems for sales of the Galaxy tab this year and into the future.

Apple are claiming that Samsung have stolen their iPad and iPhone devices and are in the middle of legal battles in various parts of the globe, even causing some countries to halt sales of the Samsung products until it is settled.

The lawyer for Apple told the Federal Court in Sydney that the latest offer has ‘provided no basis for a settlement' and they want the court to rule against sales of the Galaxy touch screen technology as it infringes upon a patent they own.

Steven Burley, a lawyer for Apple said “The main reason we are here is to prevent the launch (of the Galaxy tablet) and maintain the status quo.”

If Apple are finally successful in this claim, Samsung's sales will be hurt significantly, especially as they have been the strongest competitor so far, against the market leading Apple products.

Neil Young, a lawyer for Samsung said “If we can't get a decision out by mid-October, there is no urgency”. Meaning that if they are still blocked from selling their devices in this time period then they will miss the end of year sales. He even added that if the case takes until March to rule then the Galaxy 10.1 could be ‘commercially dead'.

Kitguru says: Samsung are also facing problems from Apple in Germany and The Netherlands.

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