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Microsoft ditching Zune hardware?

On Monday Microsoft removed all references to Zune hardware from their official Zune website, which was taken by some of the press as the final death call for the media player.

EdBott, a journalist, first noticed the removal of the hardware details on the website, with Microsoft apparently focusing on the software for various platforms. Later that day however the site was update and the Zune HD hardware was detailed again. A spokesperson for Microsoft said it was simply an error and it should never have been removed.

Microsoft Zune: failed to mount a serious challenge

We think there might be a little more to this story however. The Zune HD has been a monumental flop for Microsoft, failing to mount a serious challenge to the Apple iPod. The last update was in 2009, when Microsoft launched the Zune HD which again failed to excite the public. It did have a very nice OLED multi touch screen however.

Microsoft have yet to announce the discontinuation of the device, although to us it would seem logical, especially factoring in the dismal worldwide sales. Even Apple are struggling now with their iPod, as sales drop. People are getting enough media support from their smartphones and seem to prefer an ‘all in one device' to make phone calls and play media files.

Kitguru says: Will Microsoft officially announce the death call for the Zune media player this year?

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